3 Reasons Why Your Website is Hurting Your Sales

In today’s market, it’s imperative for every business to have a quality website that can be found easily. Once people are driven to your website, it needs to be functional and easy to use. Your company’s website needs to stand out next to the competition. Here are three reasons why your website is hurting your sales.

1. Your target audience can’t find your website.

How do you expect people to find your website? Unless they already know about your website and are searching the company name, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to find your site quickly and easily. You can’t ignore SEO (search engine optimization) and hope potential customers will stumble across your website. Implement SEO to drive traffic.

2. Your website is outdated.

When is the last time you updated your website? If your website is unattractive and appears dated, visitors aren’t going to be interested in what you have to offer.

I’m not just talking about a visually unappealing website here. If your site features dated information, visitors will leave your site in search for new, relevant information. If your website lacks information, they won’t have any reason to stay or return. Your company’s website needs to feature authoritative content that will attract an audience and demonstrate your company’s expertise. It needs to be original, quality content. Provide the information people are searching for. Attract and retain potential customers with a content rich website.

If you don’t already have one, create a content marketing strategy. This means that the content gets indexed in search engines and drives traffic to your website.

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3. Your website lacks functionality.

If someone does manage to find your website and decides to stick around, despite the outdated visuals and content, will they be able to use your website effectively? Every website needs to be user friendly. Visitors will quickly become frustrated if they have trouble navigating the site. You want your website to be easy for visitors to use. Poor navigation will ensure a short visit. If your website offers search capability, it should be working properly and quickly. Users will give up and leave if they can’t find what they’re looking for right away. 

Website clutter can also be very distracting. Modern website design is simple and straightforward. Don’t overwhelm your visitors. Present them with the material they are looking for in a streamlined, efficient manner. A messy, disorganized layout is unprofessional and lacks credibility. Users’ perception of your company’s site will be more positive if it is clean and attractive, meaning they will stay longer. If your site features ads, they should be organized properly with the overall design of the page in mind. Again, users’ perception of the ads will be more positive if they are on a clean site. Pay attention to ad placement. Plus, visitors will actually be able to see the ads on a clean looking site.

What are you hoping to achieve when someone visits your company’s website? Is it interactive? Are there clear calls to action? A dead-end website isn’t doing anything for anyone. A potential customer has run out of things to look at, has lost interest, and has nowhere to go next. Incorporate calls to action. Invite them to engage further.

Is Your Website Hurting Sales?

While you were aware that every company needs a website in order to survive in today’s digital landscape, you might not have been paying attention to your website’s accessibility, appeal, relevance, or functionality. Your website might be hurting your sales. Implement SEO strategy to drive traffic to your company’s website. Update your website’s overall design and continue to add new and relevant information to entice visitors to stay longer and return again and again. Make sure your website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and devoid of clutter. If users can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, they will go to the competition.

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