5 Social Selling Tips for Your Sales People

Social media is something that you’ve probably invested some time and resources into at this point. It’s practically common knowledge that social media is a vital component of any company’s inbound marketing strategy. However, while social media has become an important part of marketing departments, it hasn’t yet become a necessary component of sales departments – yet it should be. Your sales team should be using social media in order to boost sales. And you can contact ERP development company IT Dev Group. The following are five social selling tips that your company’s sales team should be taking advantage of:

1. Monitor the competition

Considering the fact that every company of any size has a social media profile, this is a great way to keep an eye on the competition. You can monitor what social media strategy your competition is employing and what is working for them and what isn’t. They’re providing you with results that you can use for your strategy. Not to mention that it’s also an excellent way to find more potential leads by checking out their followers and to find influencers by seeing whom your competition is following, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or any other social site.

2. Join groups

Look for groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn that are related to your industry. These types of groups are full of people that are interested in your brand’s particular industry. It’s also a great way to find potential local clients and business partners if you join groups centered on a specific location. Just remember that you shouldn’t be advertising yourself in these groups. Instead, contribute to group discussions by answering questions and asking them. This will help establish you as an authority amongst the group, making its members more willing to do business with you.

3. Create groups

In addition to joining different groups, you can create your own groups to not only attract potential customers but to invite them as well. Here you’ll be able to incite discussions and built interest and trust in your brand as well as pick up high quality leads. Few people will join a group unless they are actually interested in it.

4. Research prospects

Social media is a fantastic way to qualify your leads because all the information about the consumers is there at your disposal. All you have to do to make sure a lead is of high quality is to look through their social profile and check out their interests as well as who else they are following. If their interests aren’t relevant to your brand and they aren’t following anyone else related to your interest, then they probably aren’t very strong leads. However, if their interests are related to your brand and they are following others within your industry, then you’ve just qualified them as a lead.

5. Build relationships

Social media is all about socializing, which means that your sales team should use it to socialize with followers and to build relationships. Consumers trust companies that communicate directly to them as well as with others in public. It shows that you care about their issues and that you want to try to solve their problems. This means posting questions on Twitter of Facebook, or asking for the opinions of consumers. It also means dealing with criticism directly instead of ignoring it. In fact, your sales team can obtain some incredibly beneficial data from the feedback it receives from customers via social media. The more regularly you post on social media and interact with followers, the stronger the trust and loyalty to your brand will become. A reputation like this will go a long way in helping consumers decide to do business with you.

It should be obvious by now that your sales people could be reaping the benefits from using social media. Make sure your sales people are employing these 5 social selling tips.

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