Why Your Website Is Hurting Your Sales

Every company should have a website. That’s just a given. The internet is the most common way that your customers are now going to look you up to learn more about you or buy your products or services. But just being online isn’t good enough. Your website has to be quality and it has to be easy to find. It needs to be functional and easy to use. It needs to stand out from your competition.

Unfortunately, if you have a website that isn’t all that it could be, it could be hurting your sales more than helping you generate leads, convert, and close deals.

Its Appearance Is Outdated

If you haven’t touched your website in years, then it’s definitely outdated. And if it appears old it’s going to turn off your audience. Old-school graphics, gifs, auto-play music, and 90s layouts won’t do anything to help you keep and convert customers. First impressions count, and you need to make sure that your site properly represents your company today—not what it used to be 10 years ago.

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Your Content Is Old

A visually unappealing website is certainly going to put off your visitors, but what can be even more harmful to your sales is old content. People are coming to your site for information—current, fresh, and relevant information. If your about us page, product pages, and blog haven’t been updated in months, or even years, your visitors are quickly going to leave to find a site that is more current and relevant to find the information they seek. Without great content, they have no reason to stay or come back to your site.

You need to feature original, interesting, and authoritative content, and continuously update it to attract your audience, demonstrate your expertise, and keep your hungry visitors coming back for more information.

No One Can Find It!

How useful can your site possibly be to your sales if no one can find it? Direct visits, where visitors are typing in your web address, can only account for so much of your traffic. Plus, these are all people who already know about your company. You need to make it easy for new leads to find your site. And this can be done through SEO, paid search, and social media activity. No one will stumble across your website—you have to use tactics to get them to notice and find it.

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It’s Not Functional

So you have a brand-spanking new design. Your content is out of this world. You have a solid SEO strategy, you’ve invested into paid search, and you’re very active on social media, so people can find you. All of that great effort will mean nothing if your site isn’t functional. Once visitors have found you and are on your site, they need to be able to search for the information they need, be able to quickly find what they’re looking for, and be able to easily navigate your pages and content. If they can’t do any of these things, they’ll get frustrated and leave soon after they enter.

Make sure your site is well organized, clutter free, and simple. Have a search button. Use drop-down menus and navigation maps.

It Isn’t Mobile Optimized

The desktop version of your site might be awesome, but if it isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll be losing out on approximately half of all of your potential sales. As more and more people start to access the internet from their smartphones, they’ll expect your website to be mobile friendly. They’ll expect to be able to read your content without zooming in, see your photos without distortion, be able to click on your links, and be able to sign up, purchase, or do anything else they’re looking to do without any hassle.

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