How Building a New Website Can Help You Grow Revenue

A functional website is a sure-fire way to grow revenue. Building up this revenue source, given today’s buying trends, is guaranteed to increase your sales numbers. Potential customers are searching and buying online now, so you need to focus your marketing and selling efforts on the web. You might already have a website and think it’s good enough—but inbound marketing is intricate, and you need to have the right content and design to see your profits grow. Building a new website is the best way to help you grow revenue in today’s market. Here’s how:

Rich Content

In order for search engine optimization to work to its fullest, your new website will need to have rich, original content that is regularly updated. Having a stale, old website that is never updated won’t do you any good. The best way to add new content regularly to your website is to add a blog section. Write about industry news and share knowledge related to your business. Give your clients the knowledge they seek and make yourself known as an expert in the industry.

Calls to Action

Sharing knowledge is great, but you also need to add calls to action within your website’s content in order to get contact information, understand your clients’ needs, and have a way to follow up. When you add calls to action to your new website, you have a next step available to communicate with your leads and nurture relationships so you can turn them into sales.

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Right Style and Tone

The language and tone of your website, the keywords you use, and the style of your design will all need to work together to capture the interest of your target audience. In might seem like a silly or simple task, but a lot of research and time will need to go into these concepts in order to get it done right. Chances are, if you haven’t updated your website in ages, your website will actually be working against you.

Sharing Capabilities

In order to spread the word about your blog, your brand, and your products or services, you should include sharing capabilities on your new website. Allowing clients to share your company with their friends, families, and online acquaintances is a great way to get new business with word of mouth and referrals. You should also have accounts on all the major social media platforms so you can continue to communicate with your leads once they’ve added your company to their social networks. Your new website and social media sites will work hand in hand to grow revenue.

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Feedback Section

Adding a feedback section to your new site will allow your customers to get in touch with you—to share reviews of your products or services, to ask you questions, to get customer service help, and to share concerns. This is a great opportunity for your sales reps to nurture relationships with leads—which is a far better tactic than hard selling. This direct feedback system will also allow you to understand their needs and have qualitative data to analyze. When you have a feedback section that you actively review and respond to, you can easily turn one-time visitors into customers for the long term. It’s a simple way to grow revenue.


When you create a simple newsletter sign-up section to your new site, you will have direct access to your potential customers. You will be able to continue to share knowledge with them into the future. Even if they are not ready to buy right now, getting them to subscribe to a newsletter means that you can continue to communicate with them, keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds when it’s time to buy.

Don’t let an outdated, static website bring your company profits down. Grow revenue by building a new website to attract visitors and turn them into leads.

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