How to Close Sales Through Your Website

In the old world sales were usually closed in person or on the phone. In the new world if you want to enjoy the most business efficiency when you close sales, website activity is essential. Your website is your electronic storefront and it can be used to capture leads as well as convert leads to sales. The following tips explain how to close sales through your website using leads you’ve captured through email and social media.

Easy Checkout Process

Make sure your ecommerce system makes sense to your target user. One of the biggest reasons for abandoned online sales is the customer did not understand the checkout process, which usually happens when there are too many steps or interruptions involved. A much higher percentage of abandoned sales occurs if mobile users are confused. Ironically, the customers that are most ready to buy online are smartphone users, except they generally gravitate toward sites that are quick and easy to use. 

Focusing on Qualified Leads

The most important starting point for the sales closing process online is that you’ve already narrowed down your list to high scoring qualified leads. If you haven’t done this step then you will be wasting time and investing more in frustration than sales success. Every lead that comes to you through email and social media should be scored in a way that separates the individuals who are ready to buy from those who are not yet ready to buy. Interest level is a strong indicator of how ready someone is to buy your product. If a consumer is asking several questions about quality then they should be considered a warmer lead than someone who isn’t asking specific questions.

By focusing on hot and warm leads you will be saving time and prioritizing in the most productive way. The strongest leads will likely come from blog subscribers who are already interested in your products. 

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Answering Questions in a Timely Way

Quality customer service is a huge key to close sales, website or not. Direct communication with the customer must also be done in a timely fashion, preferably in real time. That’s where social media can become very valuable to closing sales. By answering customer questions as soon as possible, it may cause the customer to forget about exploring other competitors and make the decision to buy. Even though most small businesses do not have the resources to offer round the clock customer service, if you can provide an automated way to offer solutions and purchasing options, then you will have opportunities to close sales without the expense of sales effort. 

Offering Deals

One of the best ways to close deals online is by offering a discount or trial offer. Remember that each interested customer wants to know what the product experience will be like before they buy, which is a big reason why they visited your site in the first place, to learn more about the product. Giving people the opportunity to learn first-hand about your product is an investment in building brand awareness. In order to eventually close sales, website development needs to focus on building brand awareness and trust at the same time.

As the mobile internet revolution picks up steam, more and more emphasis will be placed on what generates the most conversions with mobile users. One of the main attractions that mobile users are looking for are online coupon codes that they can present at local establishments. Once they subscribe to your newsletter or download your interactive app, it’s possible to send them permission-based automatic messages whenever they are using a Wi-Fi network in your area. 

Staying in touch with your customers and communicating with them regularly is the easiest way to get continued repeat business online. In order to maximize how you close sales, website revenue will have the strongest potential using mobile optimization, especially when it is combined with social media.

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