How to create a facebook fan page-Step By Step

Hello friends! Today our topic is about Facebook page. Your question is How to create a Facebook fan page, How to create personal Facebook page, How to make a Facebook page, How to create facebook business page, How to create public Facebook page etc. Yes, friends, Today we will learn about it.
Nowadays Facebook is trendy, it is one of the world’s most popular social networking site. Friends, you can add only 5000 peoples in your Facebook account but there is another way on Facebook to connect with millions of millions of people. That’s Facebook page.If you have a website, blog or a company, then I would recommend that you to make a Facebook page. If you also want to create your own personal Facebook page, then let me tell you that it is important for you to have your own Facebook account and if you want to advertise your product or brand and you have not created a Facebook page, then this is your biggest mistake. Through Facebook page, you can get good traffic on your site, and similarly, you can also get traffic on your site via twitter and other social media networks. So let’s know how to create a Facebook fan page.

How to create a Facebook fan page?

How to create facebook business page?


  1. How to create a Facebook fan page
  2. How to create personal Facebook page
  3. How to create facebook business page
  4. How to create public Facebook page

You do not need to work hard to create a Facebook fan page, it’s hardly a 5-7 minute job. If you have a Facebook account, it is a good thing if it is not and if you want to create a Facebook account, then click the link Create a Facebook account.

How to create a Facebook fan page with detail information.

# Step 1:
To create a Facebook fan page, First of all, log on to the Facebook. You will need two things to log into a Facebook account-
User IdPasswordNote- You should always remember the user ID and password of your Facebook account,

By logging in to the Facebook account, you will see an arrow mark on the right side, click on it.

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How to make a Facebook page?

At the top of it you will see the option of create page/create facebook page, click on it. After that a new page will open on your screen, where you have to select categories to make a facebook page.

Facebook Page Category List:

Now let’s know what you have to choose in those categories.Local Business and Place: If you want to create a page for your shop or any other local business, then select this category.Company, Organization, and Institution: If you own a company or you run an institution, then you have to choose this option.Brand and Products: If you want to advertise a brand or product, or for your website, you can choose this option.Artists, Band or Public Figure: If you are an artist, brands, or you want to make a celebrity page, then select this category. You can also select this category to make your own identity or to be famous.Entertainment: By clicking on this option, you can create a Facebook page on any movie, song or review.Cause and Community: This category is the most different. In this category, people will also be able to post to this community who will be in member. You can also select this category for your website.Now you understand what category you want to choose, and if you still have doubt, then do not stress, you can change later.

How to create personal Facebook page?

# Step 2:Select any one of the categories. In this article, I will teach you to create a facebook page by selecting Brand and Product category. You choose any one.➤ When you click on Brand and Product category, you will see the option of select a category, in which you select the website.➤ Just below it will be a column in which you have to enter the name of your website/product.➤ Click on Get Started.  Note: Enter the name of one word and if it is a big name then write the names without spaces.➤ By typing a small name, the URL of your Facebook page will also be small.➤ After that, you have to click get started, and this will open a new page for you.# Step 3:Write about a page at least 140 words or you have to explain about your page at least 4 lines so people can understand what’s in your page and write it.After explaining the page, in the column below it, enter the URL of your site and click Save Info.# Step 4:Then the page that will open you have to put a profile picture for your page, here you can also apply your website logo. If you wish, you can also skip it. You can also upload it later.By clicking on this, you can select and upload photos from your computer. Or, you can also upload a photo by linking the photo of your blog or website.

Click on the Save in the last.

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# Step 5:
The third option is to add your Facebook page to Favorites so that after opening your Facebook account, it will appear on the left side.If you want to add this page to your favorite page, click on add to favorites. Or you can click Skip.# Step 6:In the last section, you want to provide information about the kind of public, gender, interest traffic you want on your site.Take your Facebook Fan page ready in 5 minutes, see how easy it is to create a Facebook fan page. Now do not ask how to create a Facebook fan page or how to make a Facebook page, How to create a Facebook page or How to create facebook business page?
After this you have to first pick your own page, then you should invite your friends, from whom you want to get this page added.
In this article, I have told you all that How you can create a good Facebook page and you can also bring more traffic to your website or blog. Friends, this way you can also create your own Facebook fan page.In this article, I have also told you what is the need to create a Facebook page?  If you like the post on how to create a Facebook  fan page, then share it with your friends on social media so that they can also create a page on Facebook.  I hope you have come to make a facebook page now.

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