YouTube Tutorial Part 8: Discover the Real Advantage of Creating Playlists

In this post, we are going to see first how to create playlists and then we are going to see a few examples showing why is so important to create playlists.

What are playlists

Imagine that somebody watches one your videos, what would you like to happen next, well the answer is simple, you want the viewer to keep watching another video.

By using a playlist, you add a series of videos related to the topic that you are talking about, and you maintain the retention of the viewer to see more of your videos. So basically, when somebody is watching one of your videos from a playlists what happens after the video is over then the next video of the playlists plays. Here, we can see a great feature.

Let’s say for example that you make a tutorial about photoshop and you create a playlist about photoshop then you put all your videos there, and you have the viewer hook up to youtube to go thru all the videos within that playlist. So playlists are very powerful, you will increase your views and your subscribers.

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How To create Playlists

Here, I’m going to show you how to create one. I’m at the youtube dashboard; you want to go to Video Manager and select the option playlists. As you can see here are a few playlists already created. To create a playlist, you are going to select “New Playlist”. I can put the title that I want, and you can list it as public, unlisted or private. Type the name of your playlist and click on create. Here you want to put a nice keyword rich description about your playlist and select all the videos that will go into that playlist.

You can set up your playlists on your youtube channel in a horizontal and vertical way. Here are some examples of playlists. Remember again to use them, make a series of videos and create a playlist.
These will benefit you a lot since you will gain more views and more subscribers.

Again take advantage of playlists in order to get more views for your videos. Continue to the next part of the YouTube Tutorial where we will see some viewer engagement secrets and how we can use youtube to promote our videos.

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